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Six Professional Paper Types

At AdoramaPix, we offer the best online photo printing services for all your photo printing needs. Using Kodak Professional Endura Supra paper in six different finishes, we provide professional, online digital photo printing services at competitive prices.

  • luster print
  • glossy print
  • matte print
  • metallic print
  • silk print
  • deep matte print
    Deep matte
Luster: The perfect paper choice for those looking for something simple, yet beautiful. A highly recommended customer favorite, Luster is a great choice for a traditional photo book to showcase every memory.
Glossy: Give the pages of your story a bright, distinctive look. This distinctively bright and bold look brings a modern, contemporary look to your images.
Matte: For a paper style with a non-reflective, smooth surface texture, Matte paper is the perfect choice. This paper type is best for softer images or black and white photography.
Metallic: Metallic paper has a unique sheen for stunning visual impact and depth. Give your images a unique look with colors that will shimmer and shine with every turn of the page.
Silk: Silk paper is delicate, soft and sophisticated. A wedding photography favorite, silk paper is flattering for brides and wedding dresses and delivers a refined texture and vintage, cultured feel.
Deep matte: Sophisticated, artful scenes benefit from the depth and detail of this paper. Deep Matte has a smooth finish and a velvet touch, but is not recommended for work with dense shadows and rich blacks.

Why We Print

There’s a story, a modern-day parable, about a man who had a large art collection. This man had a son who went off to war and unfortunately perished overseas.

The father of this young soldier cherished the military portrait of his son above all his other possessions. When the man died, the photography of his son in his uniform came up first at auction. The bidding declined as no one saw the value in this single photograph when held up against priceless works of art…$100…$50…no takers….$20, $10…silence.

Finally, to move the auction along, someone bid $5…going once, going twice, SOLD! The auctioneer set down his gavel and closed the auction. The man’s will read that whoever purchased the photograph received the entire collection.

This is how much one image can mean to someone.


Is All Printing The Same?

No, far from it. Few photography labs still use traditional technology to create prints and books. Longstanding silver halide processing uses chemistry to infuse images into paper. This process results in a sharper, more vibrant photo than the cheaper ink printing offered by many mass production labs.

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Create stunning poster-sized Prints from the scenes you capture. Vast landscapes, city skylines and deep blue oceans retain their natural beauty on Large Photo Prints. Spice up your home decor by making a statement with your photography.

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