Create Your Metal Cluster Prints

  • Less is More

    When planning your Metal Print Cluster, sometimes it's better to keep it simple. Start with a clean, artistic image to accent any room in your home and create a tranquil space.

    Create Your Metal Cluster
  • Think Outside the Box

    Metal Clusters look great as both horizontal & vertical wall displays. For images that work better in a vertical space, you can use the rotate tool in the builder to turn your image 90 degrees.

    Create Your Metal Cluster
  • The Best Way To Display

    Metal Clusters are designed to be spaced about an inch apart to avoid any unnatural breaks or excess space. Every print comes equipped with a wall float, level and hanging tools to make set up quick & easy.

    Create Your Metal Cluster
  • Perfect For People

    Whether it's a photo of your child, a bride & groom, or a family portrait, be sure to place your subject in just one of the sections to avoid breaks that cut through the most important part of the image.

    Create Your Metal Cluster