15 Modern Wedding Poses for Brides and Grooms in 2018

bride groom on hill

This year Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle.  So really anything that Prince Harry and Meghan do for their wedding is sure to trend. With this in mind, we took a nod from their engagement photos and added our own twist to the poses. Here is our royal list of the 15 most insanely sweet, must-have wedding poses that are fun and modern for today’s bride and groom.


2018 Wedding Poses

1. The  Newlywed Introduction

When Harry and Meghan officially announced their engagement, Harry had his hand on his jacket and Meghan had a loving hold on him. The smiles between the two exuded pure bliss. So our take on this, go ahead and take those formals but make sure to get the stolen moments in between.

young bridal couple

Photograph by AdoramaPix Ambassador Daniela Ciuffa

2. The Intimate Black and White

This one mirrors the close up of the black and white snuggle between Harry and Meghan, big smiles and the bride’s hands lovingly touching her groom’s face. We love this pose. It’s timeless and classic.

bride and groom black and white


3. Staircase Chic

In Harry and Meghan’s engagement pictures, they made sitting on concrete stairs look gorgeous! Although it was the most formal of their engagement pictures it was still more relaxed than what we’ve seen from the Royals. Go ahead and have your couple sit on some stairs (put something down for the bride to sit on first) then let them sit there as you work your way around them. Different angles will produce some stunning images.

bride groom on stairs


4. Light it Up

Edison bulbs and fairy lights are such a fun way to introduce light into portraits, especially for brides and grooms. The best times to use the light source is during the blue hour. By the way, if you are looking for that ideal picture to end your wedding album or photo book, this type of set up would be perfect.

sihlouette bride and groom

5. The Abercrombie

Ok, we were torn to either call this the Abercrombie or the British album cover. Both subjects are looking in opposite directions, yet somehow this pose is striking and intriguing.

bridal couple in a field

6. Walking with  Flair

You can never go wrong with sun flare. Make sure to check the forecast first to see if there will be sun. If not, guess what? There are actual overlays and photoshop actions that will allow you to add sun flare! There is a way to set this pose up. Make sure to either have the bride or groom “lead” or walk a few feet in front of the other to make sure you can see both subjects. This type of set up, is also perfect to do a panoramic image your wedding album. AdoramaPix albums offer lay-flat albums with no gutters or cuts to your photo, so you can span this across two pages!

bride and groom walking

7. Carried Away

It’s the 2018 sweep. Go ahead and sweep the bride off her feet. The key to this post, look relaxed and rest the foreheads together. How cute would this shot be for your Wedding Thank You Cards?

groom holding bride

8. Lay Down on the Job

This is a shot to definitely do, more towards the end of the session with the bride and groom when they feel relaxed. Make sure to always bring a blanket/towel for the bride and groom to lay on so they do not get their wedding dress and tux dirty. Then, just let them be themselves and walk around them getting different angles. It’s amazing some of the candid and fun photos you can get.

bride and groom in grass

9. Front and Back

Couples fit like beautiful pieces to a puzzle. Have the bride face the camera and the groom with his back with both intertwining their arms and resting foreheads together. This is such a sweet and touching pose.

groom and bride

10. Through the Window

We love the look of capturing an intimate moment between the wedding couple. One of the most interesting ways to do this is through a piece of architecture or window. You can actually plan it with the couple just direct them where to walk. Just a note, this will only work with a window with some personality. It doesn’t have as much impact with a regular ho-hum window.

bride and groom through window

11. To the Side

Today’s formal portrait of brides and grooms typically has them occupying 1/3 of the image with the background adding depth and texture to the final photograph.

bride groom off center

Photograph by AdoramaPix Ambassador Daniela Ciuffa

12. Halfsies

A great way to showcase the wedding venue is to have the bridal couple stand in front and photograph them from the waist up letting the venue take over the majority of the image.

bride and groom in front of cabin

13. The Chase

Weddings are action-packed, try a less formal pose by capturing the action of the big day! Groom leads and bride takes a quick peek back to the photographer. Notice the flow in the dress!

14. Flying High

Drone photography is really adding such a beautiful and sweeping angle to modern weddings.  Just make sure you’ve cleared all regulations and know the laws before using any drone.

drone shot of bride and groom

15 #BrinsonBanksing

This pose is for the truly awesome couple that knows how to show joy, passion and above all else love. We would love to see the royal couple pull this off. BTW, this pose has its own hashtag! What’s the #BrinsonBanksing? Click HERE to find out!

bride and groom

Photograph by AdoramaPix Ambassador Matt Miller

Any of these poses would make for an amazing spread in your wedding photo book. Also keep in mind, you can make smaller copies of your wedding photo book to give to friends and family who helped you on your journey to your wedding.

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