10 Modern Must Have Engagement Poses

Your BAE popped “THE” question and you said YES! Now is the time to celebrate and document the engagement. For inspiration and ideas, here are ten modern must-have engagement poses.

1.Stay Home

Keep it simple and showcase how to keep it real at home. More and more couples are opting to show real life with each other as opposed to the traditional stiff portraits.

Photo by AndrelPerry.com

2. Favorites

Couples are opting to showcase what brought them together. Fan of literature? Libraries and book shops are the perfect backdrops.

3. Depth of Focus

Not everything has to be tack sharp. Focus on something other than the faces while still setting the mood.

4.Follow Me

This trend went viral in 2013 when a boyfriend documented his travels and adventures with his then girlfriend (now wife) on Instagram. It’s a fun and trendy way to show the adventurous side to the relationship.

5. Be Candid

Sometimes the in-between moments are the most important. That’s when couples can truly be themselves and let loose.

6. First Date

Return to the scene of the first date. It’s a fun way to document how and where the couple met.

7.  Be Airborne

Defy gravity. Another trend in engagement photography is levitation photography. It makes it look like the couple is levitating, the trick to this? Make sure to have a fast shutter speed.

8. Three’s Company

It’s purrrrr-fectly acceptable to bring the fur baby into the picture.


9. HomeTown Love

Hometown sweethearts? Incorporate the town’s most iconic piece of architecture into the photo.

10.  Big Scene

Stay small in a big scene. Be part of the landscape by complimenting the canvas. Make it a masterpiece.


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