Spring Photo Walks

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to dust off the camera, lace up you shoes and hit the town!  AdoramaPix would like to help sponsor your photo walk. We believe in connecting with others, sharing knowledge and above all making art.
If you are part of a big group, small group or instameet, we would like to be a part of it.  We thought we would share a special photo walk with you from the classic St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago.
AdoramaPix Ambassador, Lauri Novak hosted the Chicago Drink ‘N Click  photo walk during Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We first met Lauri on a photo walk three years ago. Since then, she’s helped organize several walks and continues to engage with her photography community.
Drink & Click Chicago Crew - Green River

(Photo Courtesy of Lauri Novak)
So how does Lauri host successful photo walks? Here are four tips to help make it fun and memorable.

1. It’s all about Comfort

It’s a photo walk which means you’ll be putting a lot of mileage on your kicks. So wear a comfortable pair of shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. You’ll also want to wear something with lots of pockets. Try to keep your hands free of stuff as much as possible except for your camera. Keep your camera load light and bring along a bottle of water and maybe a snack . Keeping hydrated is essential since most photo walks do not take breaks although you are free to leave at any point.


(Photo Courtesy: Melissa Leda)

2. Challenge Yourself

The point of a photo walk is to challenge yourself. Yes, you may have macro, fixed and zoom lenses but bringing all that gear will only wear you down. Bring one body, lots of batteries and memory cards and try choosing just one lens. You’ll have no choice but to see things differently without relying on so many lenses. It’s a good practice for discipline. If you bring a fixed lens you’ll be forced to move your feet if you want to get closer to your subject.

Chicago Police Green River Lauri Novak

(Photo Courtesy of Lauri Novak)

3. Know Your Rights 

Photo walks can take you on an adventure. Rules and rights differ from country to country but brushing up a bit on what’s legal and what is not is always a good idea.The American Civil Liberties Union has put together this article to educate photographers on their rights. Click HERE.
On the flip side, if the photo walk enters private property and with no trespassing signs, be respectful and stay away. There are plenty of other photo opportunities, you don’t need to break the law to get an image.

(Photo Courtesy: Melissa Leda)
4. Get it Printed
There’s no point on going on a photo walk only to have those images sit on a card or on a hard drive to be forgotten. Prints last for generations. Make a collage of your favorites or pick only one that speaks to you. Print it 24×36 or make a 4×6. Whatever you prefer and space allows for, get it printed and display it with pride. By the way, we know a great place where you can get your images printed beautifully on paper, metal, an canvas. Don’t forget if you have a lot of images you want printed, you can always make a great AdoramaPix photo book.

(Photo Courtesy of Lauri Novak)
Thank you Lauri for being so engaged with the photography community. If you are thinking of hosting a photo walk or a part of one , contact Libby@adoramapix.com for sponsorship.