Your Best Shot 2015 Contest

Your Best Shot 2015 Contest

Contest Details – Please Read Carefully!

How to enter:

  1. Every entrant must submit one image –  jpeg – along with your name, date of image and email address to . Please feel free to watermark/copyright your image. Top 12 finalists will be asked to submit a high-resolution file, copyright free digital file for print in our winning 8×8 photo book.
  2. Like Adoramapix on Facebook and load your web ready image to our timeline.  Please feel free to include your watermark/copyright on any uploaded images.( If you do not have a Facebook account, simply skip to step #3.)
  3. Image must have been captured in the year 2015. Entries are due by February 14, midnight EST 2016    New Deadline – February 21, 2016 11:59 pm EST
Skip Moen YBS 2014 Winner
Skip Moen YBS 2014 Winner

 The Prizes:

1.  Grand Prize (1 winner): Estimated Value: $1500.00

– Your Choice of one:  Nikon D750   or Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless or Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR

2. Top 100 Picks : (100 winners)  Estimated Value: $29.00

– Each of the top 100 Picks listed on Facebook will receive an 8×10 Metal Print.

3. NEW : The three images with the most likes from the top 100: (3 winners) Estimated Value: $139.00

– The top 3 with the most Facebook “likes” from the top 100 will win a 20×30 Metal Print

4.  Top 12 Runner Ups : (12 winners) Estimated Value: $28.00

-Each of the 12 Runner Ups listed on Facebook will receive a free 8×8 – 14 page hardcover photo book with the winning entries displayed.

All winners will be notified by email.

Dates to Know: The Deadline: February 14, 2016  New Deadline – February 21, 2016 11:59 pm EST  A team of AdoramaPix Judges will then choose the top 100 images based on technical and artistic ability and will post to Facebook. The sponsor will break them down into categories, landscape, portrait, etc and will take the even percentages out of each category. Judges reserve the right to place the entry in the appropriate category. 

The  Vote: February 2016

The top 100 will be posted to Facebook. The three images with the most “likes” will receive a free 20×30 metal print.  This vote has no bearing on the actual Grand Prize Winner.

The top 25 images will be posted on the Adoramapix Blog as chosen by a panel of 3 judges. Adoramapix members will then pick their  favorites from the 25 images posted. The top 12 images that receive the most votes will be awarded the Best of 2014  8×8” -14 page Adoramapix Photo Book.

The Winner Announced:  March 2016

A team of Adoramapix Judges will choose the Grand Prize Winner out of the top 12 Best of 2015 winners.

The Winner will be announced via our Blog first, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and a mail out.

Official Rules: All 2016 General Adoramapix  Contest Rules Apply

*You will be disqualified if you enter more than one image. If you are not a fan of these contests, please don’t participate.  We’ll continue to try to find new contests and new prizes that will make it fun and interesting to be a part of the AdoramaPix  community. Thank you for your support.

Common FAQ’s

1. Can I submit an image with my copyright on it?

Absolutely, if you make it to the top 12 we will ask you to submit a copyright image free 300 dpi image suitable for print for the winning 8×8 -12 page photo book.

2.What do you do with our images?

 This is our fourth year running the contest. We take great strides to protect the images you submit to us.  After each year, we delete all images from the mailbox except for the top 12. We  print the top 12 images.  However, please be aware this contest is run on social media sites as well as our blog. (See point #20 on 2016 Rules and Regulations) We suggest  to only post a low – 72 dpi watermarked image to Facebook.

3. Why won’t you confirm entries?

We have over 6k entries each year to this contest. There are a number of reasons we can not guarantee your entry.

1. You forgot to attach an image

2. You entered more than once with different images

3. If you share a link to your image and the link does not work

4. You submitted an image that is in direct violation of  #10 of 2016 Rules and Regulations.

We do not verify for the simple reason that it would not be fair to  allow people to resubmit, if they did not follow the rules. It is unfair to those who did follow the contest rules.

4. My image was better than that squirrel image, why did you pick that one?

This contest is initially broken down into about a dozen categories to reach the top 100. For example, portraits, landscape, wildlife, etc. Certain categories have a higher percentage of people who submit. So although you may have entered a landscape picture and did not make it, but a macro of a tip of a pencil did, it’s because you were competing with everyone in the landscape category – not the macro.  After the first initial 100 are announced – then they are no longer in categories. It’s the best shot takes the prize.

5. Are panoramics, HDR  and composite shots permitted?

Yes, however, the grand prize winners from the previous years have all been from a single frame.  (we verify it) We do not draw the line on how much photoshop, stacking, stitching there is in the photo.

6. I’m not on Facebook – can I still enter?

Absolutely. However, you will not be eligible to take part in the “people’s choice” 20×30 metal print giveaway from the top 100.

We are proud of this contest and the way it is handled. So much so,  that our winners also become our Ambassadors.