How Metal Prints Are Made – AdoramaPix

So how exactly does your image end up on a sheet of metal with our metal prints? We get this question a lot, so we decided to take you behind the scenes in the lab to show you exactly how it’s done.
It all starts with buying the highest quality sheets of aluminum 4’x8′. We then put a special coating on it to help it absorb the image.  We then cut the sheet to the desired size using the most sophisticated equipment to make sure that the edges are nice and smooth. Here is a look at the machine in action.
We then print the image on a special transfer paper which is being placed on top of the metal print and placed in an oven at a very high temperature and pressed with a few tons of pressure. This is called the dye sublimation process.
Once it’s out of the oven, we remove the paper and reveal the amazing image. Colors are vivid and pop right off the metal.
The metal print then moves on to the backing station. We secure the back block frame with strong adhesive and bumpers. Also included is a block to help secure the print to the wall.
The result is pure magic. We hope you enjoyed this behind the scene look at our metal prints. Metal prints come in white or silver with glossy or satin finishes. Ready to order one to see it first hand? You can start by clicking HERE!