Photo Book Design Corner : Recipe Photo Book

Each week we like to feature ideas and inspiration for your photo books. This week we wanted to focus on a special kind of Valentine’s Day Photo Book. A photo book made with your favorite recipes to give to your children, family or friends.  With just the right amount of love, a 1/2 cup of planning, and a pinch of amazing photographs your recipe photo book will be the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.
Here are some tips from our guest Blogger, Kayle from The Cooking Actress.
Hello! My name is Kayle and I am an actress, bride-to-be, a home cook/baker, and writer of the food blog, “The Cooking Actress” ! If you’re not familiar with food blogs I will sum it up for you: I have a website where I share recipes I’ve made (that either I have created on my own or have adapted from another source) along with photos of the food I’ve created and any tips/tricks you may need so that you can replicate the dish for yourself!
If you like  cooking and/or baking as much as I do, I’m sure you have some method for storing recipes. Whether it be in a word document, on old recipe cards, etc.-we all have something. But maybe you’re looking for a more visually appealing and fun way to keep your recipes? Or perhaps you want to give a gift to someone just starting out in the kitchen (ie a bride-to-be, your son/daughter, a friend who’s always admired your kitchen prowess, etc.)? Whatever the reason–I suggest you try making a recipe photo book with AdoramaPix for all your favorite recipes!
Here are my top 5 tips for creating your recipe book:
1. Take Beautiful photos of the Food!
We eat with our eyes first and AdoramaPix‘s photos are such high quality that you should take advantage! One tip for food photography are to use natural light (camera flash never looks good)-I always photograph food next to a large window. Also try to keep it simple-remove any random things from the field of the picture, try to just make the food look good and don’t distract from it (that’s not to say that playing with props in food photography isn’t fun! By all means have a glass of milk next to some cookies or fresh herbs scattered around a savory dish, just make sure that you don’t see your mail just sitting in the background, etc.) If you really want to get fancy play around with photo editing to help correct any lighting or sharpness problems in your photos (there are a few free photo editing sites-such as picmonkey, ribbet, and canva). For a photo book ,I would recommend including 1 or 2 pictures of each recipe–1 photo of the finished product and 1 optional photo that may include step by step process shots (you can make a collage of various shots using one of the aforementioned photo editing sites).
balsamic32.Have a Consistent Format for Recipes.
I typically like to have the recipe title (In a larger font towards the top of the page), how much it makes (this could be 4 servings or 24 cookies or whatever would apply), and then 2 main headings: Ingredients and Preparation. Under the ingredients I list all the ingredients used in the recipe and under preparation I detail the process you go through to make it. Some people also choose to note how long the process of the recipe takes (sometimes, for a bread recipe for example, the process can take over 24 hours–mostly inactive time but it’s good to know how long it will take so you can plan accordingly).
3. Be Specific.
You know what you mean when it comes to certain things for your recipe but other people may not. Try to go into as much detail and be as specific as possible when explaining what goes into making your recipe.
4. Keep it Simple!
Having a clean, simple, layout of the pages will make it easier to read and nicer to look at.
5. Be Yourself.
You know your audience-make a photo book that appeals to you and/or anyone you would give the recipe book to. If that means you add some extra embellishments or a silly font-then go ahead! Life is too short to be true to yourself, even for something as small as making a recipe photo book. I’m myself 100% of the time and that’s what makes my blog different from every other one out there-there’s only one me! And there’s only one you.
There are so many options in the kitchen and there are just as many options when creating a photo book with AdoramaPix-so go! Have fun! I’ll make myself some cookies and think about maybe sharing some of these recipes in book form for Christmas next year. 🙂
For some of the best recipes and mouth watering food photography out there, make sure to check out Kayle’s Blog – The Cooking Actress. For more inspiration on making photo books, please make sure to check out our inspiration gallery HERE. 
If you have an idea for an inspirational photo book, please feel free to email