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I recently had the task of clearing out my parent’s home after 45 years. It was wonderful to live through some of the memories with my siblings as we packed away photos, quilts and so much more.  However, there was something that caught my eye and instantly had me reminiscing about days in the kitchen. It was my mother’s well used recipes. This week’s photo book design corner focuses on a perfect mother’s day gift : Your Family’s Favorite Recipes.


Before Pinterest and online recipe photo books, there were recipe boxes.  They were typically made of wood or tin with a lid and housed the family’s favorite recipes. When I was glancing through my mom’s recipes, I was delighted to find her cherry chip bars recipe. Clearly, we made these a lot as the card shows.

The beautiful thing about coming from a small town is that everyone was my babysitter at one time or another. Another delight I found, was my babysitter’s recipe for her cookies. The moms in my community would always give credit on the recipe cards to whomever gave them the recipe.


Although the cards are very stained and tattered, I wanted to remember the recipes. I loved looking at my mom’s hand writing, so what I started to do was to write out the recipes but take a few pictures of the actual cards to incorporate into my photo book. I will also put photos of the finished products and images of my mom cooking. It’s a work in progress but it’s a work of love.

One of the best examples of this inspiration comes from member Becky Kobish. I found her photo book in our public gallery and loved the way she incorporate family history with recipes. She included old photos, the actual recipes and the amount the recipe serves.





I hope these weekly photo book design ideas inspire you to take care of your family’s history. We don’t want to be the generation where our children clean out our homes and there are no photos or recipes to cherish or archive.

-written by Libby for Adoramapix

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