October Member of the Month

Each month we like to find out more a little about our members. This month, our spotlight turns to Florida as we feature Fred Holmstock of Land and Sea Imagery.

Fred picked up his first camera when he was only 6 years old. But more than just “taking” pictures, Fred was curious about, and began to study the whole photographic process including the physics and mathematics of light & lenses, as well as the chemistry of the photographic development process.   At the same time and throughout high school, he continually worked at taking more visually interesting photos.   Later, at the University of Florida, Fred was a Journalism (Broadcast) and English (Film) major, but never lost his interest in still photography. Winner of numerous local and regional photography contests, including the Kodak International Snapshot Award (KINSA) in 1980, he eventually pursued a career in television broadcast and computer animation, which ultimately led him back full circle to his initial passion, still photography.

Delicate Sunset
I asked Fred where he receives his inspiration from, he replied “Mostly landscapes, and anything visually interesting…  with emphasis on the word “anything”.
He is the epitome of an amazing artist striving for the perfect photo with his next answer. I asked him what his favorite image of his is, and he said, ” My favorite image of all time is the NEXT one I take because it will represent an accumulation of all my previous photographic knowledge and ability.”
Photographers always like to know what’s in the camera bag, when I asked Fred, he replied ” I use both Nikon and Canon bodies and have a variety of lenses for each.  Most people ask why, but I have found that my Nikons are better suited in certain situations and my Canons in others.  Suffice it to say that I’m ambi-camera-dextious.”
Fred continues to photograph images in and around south Florida and elsewhere, some of which are then enhanced using computer software that he wrote and developed for the computer graphic and animation sequences produced by his broadcast television production and computer graphics businesses.   The software he created is a proprietary bilateral filtration algorithm, and is part of what he uses today for the enhancement and effects seen in some his images.   Sometimes compared to PhotoShop and other digital image manipulation programs and photographic styles such as multiple image HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, Fred’s process uses only a single image (exposure) which utilizes the image data that already exists to enhance the image through relational and proximal digital pixel value modifications that result in changes and variations of bit level luminance, chroma and pixel density to create effects not readily available or achievable with standard ‘off the shelf’ software.
Currently, Fred is taking on an ambitious challenge.  He is photographing unique American geography and geology locations that too few of us have the opportunity to see and appreciate. He is venturing out west  to complete this portion of his project by photographing several scenic areas in the southwestern United States.  The name of the project is Land & Sea Imagery: American Landscapes.  You can view more information on this project by viewing his Kickstarter page HERE.
Thank you Fred for sharing your beautiful images with us and we wish  you well on your photography journey. You can check out more of Fred’s work on his website Land and Sea Imagery or on his Facebook Page also by the same name Land and Sea Imagery  and of course, track his progress and add support with his KickerStarter page. 


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