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So you’ve been thinking of starting a photography based Project365.. Snap out of it (pun intended). This was my third successful year of attempting the task and the second (almost successful) year of blogging daily.

Click HERE to see last year’s blog post.

What’s different this year to the previous year?

Last year, photography filled my life outside of work, marriage, parenting and friendship. It was my Alone Time. This year, Life itself got in the way. I had to close my business and it was very stressful to blog each day knowing that the “tone” of post was not upbeat.  However, Photography became my therapy. I did continue to take photos daily but blogging proved difficult.




How did I get back into the groove?

Having my followers request my posts was a major support. Comments on my blog and/or Twitter encouraged me to post when I could, even if it meant skipping days.


Any other visible changes to the your Project365?

I attended Blographer hosted by Adorama in New York, got home and immediately changed the look of my blog to reflect what it was. It was a PHOTOGRAPHY based Project365. Learning to identify your audience also helps.


Did I follow themes or techniques this time around?

If you read last year’s blog post for AdoramaPix, you see that I recommended that you try not following a theme, not stress about technique, just own your photo and update your blog. Well this year I discovered “Little People” and fell in love all over again with my passion. They allowed me to story tell through my photography, the one thing I love to do. So while it was not a theme per say, I did find myself wanting to post more scenes with them on my blog.





What other factors may have had an influenced your Project365?

Instagram. I opened an account on Instagram and began to share my love of my city, New York. My followers grew quickly and I suddenly, I found another voice, one where I didn’t feel the need to share my feelings. @dhannylovesNYC


Will I do a Project365 again next year?

You betcha!!!  Evolving as a writer, as a photographer, as a person.. Having the ability to return to past posts and just smile or cry. One of my most popular post on Google is a post on First Love. Whenever I read it, I learn a little more about myself and my relationships. So yes, I will do another Project365. Possibly follow a similar pattern of diary posts.

First Love: 

Words of advice on beginning a Project365

Just do it. Figure out the WHY you want to do it.  Changing my view on maybe it is good to have a Theme, to hone in on your skills. Think of it as an open diary that doesn’t always have to involve a photo.  Remember that it is YOURS. We, your audience are not there to judge but rather there to take a peek into your world.


Wishing you all good luck. Remember to tag me @DPixel so I can add you to my list of Project365 blogs to follow… Happy New Year, Pix

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