Adoramapix Goes Heavy Metal!

No, we are not starting a rock group but rather we have just added aluminyzed photos to our line up of products!

What does this mean? Well, it means your artwork will be infused right into the surface of a solid sheet of aluminum, resulting in bright vivid colors, a rich iridescent sheen, incredible depth of detail, and outstanding durability. It also means your artwork will shine like never before.. and you might just become addicted to the amazing quality. We offer two different surfaces and finishes. Currently, you are able to find all of the information HERE under the Canvas section on our website. You must be logged in and then click on the button “Create Canvas” – the metal prints will then show up.  Since this is so new, and it will eventually have its own landing page in the next few days , I will walk you through the steps on how to order it in the meantime.

Step one – you must be logged into your account.

Step two – click on Create a Canvas Print.



Step three – click on Aluminyzed Prints.

Step four – click on your surface and finish.

Step 5 – upload your image.

Step 6 – crop your image.

Step 7 – choose your mounting.

A. Easel – This fold-out easel gives you the choice of mounting your print on a wall or standing it on a surface.

B. Pedestal – A clear, slotted acrylic base that holds your aluminum print upright at an ideal viewing angle. This base gives a modern elegance to the print without drawing attention away from your masterpiece

C. Wall Float – Our secure wall floats positions your aluminum print ½” from the surface of the wall you mount it on. This creates a striking visual separation that enhances the presentation of your photo.

That’s it .. enjoy your gorgeous metal print! Again, this is only temporary we were just excited to offer it to you and wanted to get it to you ASAP!




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