I’m not Automated!

So, I’ve been with Adoramapix for a little over 6 months now and decided it was time I open up a bit more about myself.  So to truly know me, I think you need to know random facts about myself.  If you get those, then you’ll get a better picture of who I am, where I came from and where I’m going. Enjoy.

25 Random Facts About Libby

1. I grew up in Iowa and I know how to drive a tractor

2. I’m married with 2 kids

3. I run my own Children’s Boutique Photography Studio

4. I have a serious Diet Coke Addiction

5. Clowns and Cows scare the pudding out of me

6. I accidentally walked into the middle of a movie being filmed

7. I’ve been in a zombie movie

8. I used to work for the Associated Press

9. I was in an Improv Comedy Troupe in college

10. I do cartwheels in front of famous landmarks

11. I am starting to lift weights

12. I run like a girl but fight like a boy

13. I am a tomboy

14. I was in a bank when it was robbed

15. I have a crush on 90’s bands

16. My favorite place in the world is Paris

17. I don’t understand the 3 Stooges

18. I own stock in the Green Bay Packers

19. My first camera was a medium format Pentax

20. I am a dog person

21. I am a terrific story teller

22. I like to read REAL BOOKS

23. I love to laugh so hard that I start to cry and my stomach hurts

24. I can’t eat meat on the bone

25. I tell my family I love them. Every.Single.Day.


This is Me


* Copyright Photo by Ning Photography.

These are my kiddos – taken by yours truly.





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