Judge a Book by its Cover (and insides!)

We adore our members and it surprises me that sometimes they have never tried our photo books. They love our prints, but have never ventured into an album that will showcase their artistry beautifully. One such member we just recently converted, is Jared Soares.  Jared is a documentary photographer specializing in long term projects.  His clients include The New York Times, The Washington Post, AARP Bulletin, Inc., Getty Images, Country Living, Discovery, and The Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Here are Jared’s initial reactions to his first photo book he received from Adoramapix.

“Its a trip that happens once a year. If you’re an independent photographer working with newspapers and magazines, you know what I’m talking about. Its the trip to New York City. Sure, you get to party with old friends while eating $1.00 pizza but deep down the trip is about business and wowing clients with new work.

For every trip that I’ve made to the Big Apple, I’ve shown my work using a different method, from a screw mount portfolio to a tablet device and even an on-demand book from another company. And with each trip, I’ve been critiqued regarding the presentation of my work.

In early January a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a book that he had printed through Adoramapix. The book looked fantastic. I immediately got in touch with him to pick his brain about his book. I have been using Adoramapix for my printing needs and have been very pleased with their quality and commitment to customer service. Using Adoramapix’s book service seemed like the best solution for printing a portfolio book. I knew I would be guaranteed high quality printing.

After selecting a book size and uploading the spreads to the design software, I hit purchase and waited a couple days for my book to arrive. When I ripped open the box I saw the book and was instantly pleased. After turning each page, I felt proud to show this book off. The paper quality and build construction are superb. The pages lay flat for a true double truck.

I recently returned from a New York trip earlier this month and the only thing being critiqued was my work not my method of presentation. The most commonly used phrase was ‘where did you get this printed, the quality is top notch.’ I will be using Adoramapix books for my portfolio needs in the future.” –Jared Soares.

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