Member of the Week

Deep in the heart of Texas is where you will find our next Member of the Week.  We want to introduce you to the fabulous, Andrea Hughes of  A Studio Productions.  You’ll find Andrea’s images bright, colorful and oh so amazing. I asked her when she started photography and she said, “I was on the other side of the lens for almost 20+ years in the print business.  Then, I reinvented myself and decided to go pro 7 years ago with my photography.”


So I asked her what her favorite type of photography is and she replied, “My absolute favorite subjects to photograph are high school seniors.  They are free spirits and truly prepare for their shoot.  They think through everything…jewelry, the shoes, the place.  They will show you magazine pictures when you show up on the scene and will always say “I trust you”.  I’ve gotten some of the most amazing shots through this attitude of “I trust you”.  They are open to anything! ”


So where does she get her inspiration? Her answer might surprise you. She said, “My inspiration…I always pray before each photo shoot for God to see my subjects through His lens, His eyes.  God has always blessed me with amazing clients that continue to support and edify my work.  I feel so inspired by their words after a photo shoot.  In addition, I have been so incredibly blessed to work with amazing photographers in the industry that have taught me so much.  Their perspectives and insight have rocked my world.”

I asked her if she could go back in time and give herself a bit of advice what would it be?    “Ok…a great question! Do not walk in a camera store and buy whatever the person says you need after talking with them for 10 minutes.  It’s the worst thing I ever did.  I knew I wanted to pursue this business but I had not invested in my knowledge of camera equipment, shooting in manual mode, etc.

I spent 2 years doing this off and on and finally took the jump and started investing in workshops.  This decision brought my photography and equipment to a whole new level. I would highly encourage a newbie to pursue a workshop before investing in all kinds of equipment.  One lens might not fit that family shoot perfectly versus another.  It’s key that you fully understand your camera and lenses before buying anything, ” she said.

I decided to go outside of our normal questions and ask her what her favorite image is of and why? This is her response.

“I was shooting a wedding during a torrential rainstorm.  My clients had put a lot of faith in the fact that they could have outside pictures near this gorgeous field next to the church.  When I say “torrential rainstorm”..this was an understatement. At the last hour of the wedding everyone had surrendered to the fact that the get-a-way bubble pictures were not going to happen.  So, one of bride’s maids pulled out the bubbles and the kids started blowing them INSIDE the reception hall while the bride/groom were dancing.  In short, My on camera flash was not syncing up with my off camera flash and I literally started to panic.  I saw these bubbles surrounding the bride/groom and thought…ok, here I go.  I raised my ISO to 6400 and turned off my on/camera flash.  I just allowed my back light flash to trigger behind them.  It turned out to be the most amazing image ever.  I was in awe of the drama light that was surrounding the bubbles from the backlight.  My bride/groom were utterly amazed and had it NOT RAINED…I never would have gotten this shot.   It was a huge lesson for me on a wedding day.  I walked away enlightened and inspired to think outside the box,” she replied.

In case you are wondering, she is a Canon shooter with enough lenses to make you blush. She also uses radio poppers to pop that light into her photos.If you would like to see more of her work you can find her on Facebook HERE. You can follow her on Twitter HERE. Or you can simply Pin her stuff by visiting her on Pinterest HERE.

Thank you Andrea – your work is divine and your positive attitude is contagious!