Ugly Sweater, Holiday Twitter Party!

Yes, you read that right – we are having a Holiday Twitter Party — but not just any Twitter Party , it’s an Ugly Sweater Twitter Party. Grab the funkiest sweater you can find in your closet and wear it as we host our first Twitter party Live on Thursday, December 15th at 9pm EST(8pm Central).  You’ll get great advice and a chance to win Adoramapix $$!


1. So what happens at a Twitter party? Well we have brought some people in to help you with all sorts of holiday photo dilemmas. We have Neil and Eron of Front Room Photography giving us tips about photographing at night — people, places etc. We have Evan from Photobacks tackling those album design challenges most of us encounter. Then I’ll (Studio 32 Photography) be rounding it out with tips on photographing children — shy ones, crazy ones, playful ones, stubborn ones – you can do it.

2. I still don’t get it! That’s ok , we’ll help. To follow our party on Twitter — you’ll use the hashtag #jinglepix in your conversations. You’ll also need to make sure you are following the host @Adoramapix and the panelists @frphoto, @photobacks and @studio32.

3. This sounds like fun what time is it? It’s Thursday, December 15th, at 9pm EST. (8pm Central) It will last an hour and you can come and go as you please — but you’ll definitely want to stick around for prizes!

4. Oh, what can I win? There will be several Adoramapix $$ prizes. Here is a list of the prizes  1. Grand Prize : (one) $100 in Adoramapix credit prize  2. (two) $50 Adoramapix credit prizes 3. (four) $25 Adoramapix credit prizes.

5. How do I win? Well, you need to show up and be active — the panelists will be asking questions — when you answer using #jinglepix, you’ll automatically be entered to win a prize. Prizes will be announced at the end of the party.

6. Why do I need to wear an ugly sweater, you can’t see me? Because it’s fun! Feel free to tweet pix of yourselves in those sweaters — I plan on doing it.


Details again for #jinglepix Adoramapix Twitter Party:

When: Thursday, December 15, 2011 9pm-10pm EST (8pm-9pm Central)

Where: Twitter! Make sure to follow @Adoramapix @frphoto @photobacks @studio32

How do I join? Follow us and use the hashtag #jinglepix to follow the conversations

Hashtag: #jinglepix

Who: Anyone using Twitter! (you should also have account set up with us, in case you win the prize $$)

Why? Because it’s fun and you could win $$!






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