The Luxury of Lux

Our unrivaled Lux Leather covers have a wonderful feel, look and durability. Lux covers are supple to the touch and long-term tough. Experience heirloom quality in an affordable, versatile and remarkable leather-like alternative.

Genuinely Amazing

Savvy Luxury

Lux leather looks and feels like an expensive purse or heirloom attache. (You're savvy to the secret!)

Experience It Now

Deluxe Color

Select from thirteen(13) gorgeous options to surround your images in the perfect long-lasting Lux color

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Color Deluxe

Lux Leather Sizing:



Price for pages. Additional 2 pages + $

Making Your Mark

Give your custom leather and Lux leather covers the titles they deserve with one of three custom inscription techniques:


Colorless indentation/engraving into the leather or Lux leather surface.

Silver Foil Stamping
Silver Foil Stamping

Indentation/Engraving enhanced with brilliant silver foil.

Gold Foil Stamping
Gold Foil Stamping

Indentation/Engraving enhanced with dazzling gold foil.

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