Tiffany Walling McGarity and John McGarity


Tiffany Walling McGarity and John McGarity were destined for a personal and a professional partnership. They met while studying for their BFA's in Photography at UMBC and relocated to New York in 1999 where they married in 2000 to continue to pursue creative careers.
As a team, Tiffany and John seamlessly produce shoots that have ranged from shooting in remote islands to a complete rebranding for a television network. Not only are they masters at instantly putting their clients and subjects at ease, they also bring a set of diverse skills to each project, including: graphic design, production expertise, retouching, video and editing. All of which amounts to the "something extra” that keeps their clients coming back.

"We recently had an image of the inside of a castle that we shot while in Ireland printed on metal from Adorama Pix. We were really happy with that decision because not only is that surface perfect for the lighter areas where you see the shine of the metal texture but also the detail in the dark areas is amazing."

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