Sylvester Zawadzki

BIO: The first time I studied Photography was in college. Along with a minor in Art History and major in Graphic Design. It was on B&W film. I then spent a few years in the hospitality industry, did a yearlong backpacking trip in Asia, and worked for a few years in digital photography sales and education field in NYC. All of those experiences together helped shape my way of seeing the world and also hone a craft that I now call work. Photography became a full time job eight years ago and it's the most adventurous time I ever had in my life. It's furthermore really nice to be a photographer in NYC and experience the city while chasing projects and deadlines. I branched out and became proficient in a few photo disciplines. My studio does Architecture and Weddings and a large number of event, corporate and head shot work . For personal work I like Travel and Landscape and anything that can enrich my soul. Majority of work is done with Canon gear, although I do use medium format digital and film as well. As the industry changes I hope to evolve and adapt as a photographer and always welcome the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people through the lens. I've worked with Adorama for close to a decade and am still as impressed by their work as I have been when I first saw it.

"I love it when a person or company constantly reinvents itself. Adoramapix does just that; constantly improves tools and introduces new products that make my art a pleasure to look at and send off to clients. "

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