Quay Hu


Photography started as a hobby for me but quickly turned into something more. It all began with capturing moments of my daughter's birth. As I grew more comfortable with photography I started to carry my camera around with me every where because I didn't want to miss that special moment. The more I shot, the more I became obsessed with it. Photography is also an avenue I relieve my stressful days as a business professional, it's a way to get away from it all. I'm based out of Orlando, Florida but I love to travel. My goal with photography still remains the same and that's to capture incredible moments from my life.

"Capturing exciting moments in my life and having the ability to share them on print excites me. I went through a lot of printing companies before I settled on AdoramaPix. They have delivered great quality and fine prints that I would expect from a top notch company. They just get it."

Adoramapix Ambassadors