BIO: After playing waterpolo all my youth and joining the German Team, I had to realize that it is impossible to make a living with pro waterpolo at that time. Luckily I started taking pictures years before and fell in love with these little black/silver boxes that are technical but can be used as a very creative tool.
Back then I shot film, nowadays it is all digital ( although for some of my own projects I still use analog large format cameras ) and it is again about precision and the unique vision and eye the photographer has. I love it ! I can honestly say I am working in my dream job, still play waterpolo every week ( as much as I can ) and enjoy life to the fullest. Oh, I have to mention that in 2003 I moved from Germany to New York to fulfill another dream of mine: living in that crazy city. So all I can really say is that I am very grateful for my life.

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