Justin Hofman

BIO: I live a planktonic lifestyle. I am always moving. Most of my year involves working on expedition ships aboard the National Geographic fleet, operated by Lindbald Expeditions. This lifestyle has allowed me to build a growing portfolio of wildlife images that I hope to share with a large audience. As my travels grow further abroad, I am more interested i n conservation photography than ever before.

"I've watched AdoramaPix adapt over the years and they're always on top of the newest printing technologies, papers, and mediums. They were one of the first to offer affordable acrylic prints that we've all been oogling over for years in galleries. What used to be relegated to specialty printing houses can be done entirely online with a great product in your hands just days later. I'm confident that whatever the next big deal in printing is, AdoramaPix is going to make it available and affordable before anyone else. Apix service department has also been very good to me. They have never once hesitated to replace a print that had been damaged in transit."

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