John Glaser


I am a sports, portrait, and event photographer in Houston, Texas. My love for photography actually started while doing sports video work when I was a high school football and basketball coach. I started doing sports highlight videos using a DSLR and 70-200mm lens, shooting everything in manual, including manual focus. As one could imagine, shooting video in full manual in a action sport is quite challenging, but it really forced me to learn how the camera works. I eventually changed over to doing sports photography and was later asked to doing some staged portrait photos of athletes in action. I was hooked. Eventually my passion for photography overtook my enjoyment of doing video. With my love of sports, using lighting in various ways, and pushing the limits, I am able to create amazing dynamic photos that really represent my clients.

"Every time I show clients products I have made by Adoramapix they are in awww. The prints are amazing and the service is better."

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