Jessica Kaminski

BIO: The striking combination of a Puerto Rican mother and a Polish father created me: A Polarican Portrait Photographer.

This clashing of two worlds can only help to describe the duality in which I work: I'm either photographing clean, elegant portraits aimed at letting the individuals true self shine or I'm directing someone in a sea of theatrical makeup, fog machines, and props to help them embody their Alter Ego. I enjoy photographing in both styles equally because, at the root, it's all about telling the story.

I'm lucky enough to travel a bit for work (and for pleasure) and it fuels my creativity and inspires my soul. I'm also a huge fan of cinema and the high level of art direction seen in many television shows today. It's a great source for lighting inspiration!

"I absolutely LOVE AdoramaPix metal prints for my cinematic work because the color pops and it has a dimensional quality reminiscent of a television or movie screen. When people visit my studio and see these prints in person, they always respond immediately."

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