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Single-weight mat board, foam core and styrene mounting Photo mounts help preserve your photographs for years. AdoramaPix photo mounting service offers improved stability and more display possibilities for your images! Choose from single-weight mat boards (1/16”), foam core boards (3/16”) or styrene mounting boards (1/8”). You can trust AdoramaPix to provide the highest quality stand out boards and efficient single-weight mat, styrene, and foam board mounting services. Give your images a little something extra with one of our photo mounting boards today!

  Single White Foam-Core White Styrene White Single Black Foam-Core Black Styrene Black
3.5X5 $4.35$5.55$6.70$5.22$6.66$8.04
4X5 $4.50$5.75$6.95$5.40$6.90$8.34
4X6 $4.50$5.75$6.95$5.40$6.90$8.34
4X12 $4.95$6.45$7.95$5.94$7.74$9.54
5X5 $4.70$6.05$7.40$5.64$7.26$8.88
5X7 $4.70$6.05$7.40$5.64$7.26$8.88
6X9 $5.10$6.65$8.15$6.12$7.98$9.78
8X8 $5.60$7.40$9.20
6X18 $6.15$8.25$10.35$7.38$9.90$12.42
8X10 $5.60$7.40$9.20$6.72$8.88$11.04
8X12 $5.95$7.88$9.85$7.14$9.46$11.82
8.5X11 $5.90$7.80$9.75$7.08$9.36$11.70
9X12 $6.15$8.25$10.35$7.38$9.90$12.42
10X10 $6.00$8.00$10.00$7.20$9.60$12.00
10X15 $7.00$9.50$12.00$8.40$11.40$14.40
10X13 $6.60$8.90$11.20$7.92$10.68$13.44
11X14 $7.10$9.65$12.15$8.52$11.58$14.58
11X17 $7.75$10.65$13.50$9.30$12.78$16.20
12X12 $6.90$9.35$11.75$8.28$11.22$14.10
12X18 $8.35$11.50$14.65$10.02$13.80$17.58
10X20 $8.00$11.00$14.00$9.60$13.20$16.80
16X20 $10.40$14.60$18.80$12.48$17.52$22.56
16X24 $11.70$16.50$21.35$14.04$19.80$25.62
20X24 $13.60$19.40$25.20$16.32$23.28$30.24
20X20 $12.95$16.95$21.95
24X24 $17.95$24.95$32.95
20X30 $16.00$23.00$30.00$19.20$27.60$36.00
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